Frequently Asked Questions

Updated January 2019


• When/how did you start photography ?

I started photography during my first trip to French Guyana and West Indies, in 2001, with disposable cameras. When I got back to France, I had nice comments on my travel images but this is really in Australia that I got to develop my passion. I met an American photographer and musician who encouraged me to pursue this desire. I didn’t follow any formal photography courses, apart from a documentary photography workshop at the Australian Centre for Photography.

• What’s in your camera bag ?

My dad collected film cameras so I began photography with a Nikon FM2, who travelled with me in the US and Australia. Today, I use a Nikon D750 with 35mm and 50mm lenses. I also own a Manfrotto tripod, a Nikon remote for self-portraits and a mini photo studio at home (with a support PhotoSEL, colour backgrounds bought at Objectif Bastille in Paris and lighting Elinchrom)

• What do you enjoy photographing the most ?

I am primarily a portrait and lifestyle photographer. I enjoy highlighting singular places and faces, eyes and details, quite spontaneously, with sometimes a bit of nostalgia but always with kindness. A photoshoot must stay agreeable , fun and professional.

• Do you sometimes shoot weddings ?

The only time I accepted was for one of my best friends, during 2 ceremonies in Peru and Sweden (she’s Peruvian and her husband is Swedish!). Otherwise, I much prefer making portraits, before or after the wedding.

• What photographers do you find inspiring ?

I have a small collection of photography books and the ones who are the most important to me are those from Sebastiao Salgado. I had the opportunity to see several exhibitions and everytime I am enthralled by so much strength and sweetness that emerges from his images. His black and white documentary and landscape photographs are breathtaking. I also enjoy the work of Willy Ronis, Brassaï and Robert Franck’s as well as Alain Laboile, Stefan Rappo and Florian Gruet more recently.


• How did you become Australian ?

This is the recurring question I most often get. My parents are not Australians (and they don’t speak English at all). And I haven’t married a surfer! I was actually sponsored by a digital startup, in Sydney. When I first arrived in 2005, I worked as an hostess, call centre agent, sales coordinator and in retail.
The road wasn’t smooth and I had to start my life from scratch again, even though I was already bilingual (I lived in Dublin for 3 years) and I had a bit a work experience (at Microsoft & Publicis). But with a lot of dedication (I had to get 3 different visas), patience (the process took 4 years), and a bit of luck, I finally got my passport with a cute kangaroo in 2009.

• How did it feel to go back to France?

Extremely good. After 13 years overseas, I was rather excited to settle down and live in Paris for the first time. I had fully thought about this decision and it was truly what I wanted. Everything went very quickly and smoothly and I was lucky to live with a friend in his huge house when I arrived. I found a job in less than 2 months and bought my apartment in the 11th arrondissement roughly 1 year after.
Of course, I was missing the sea and not being able to swim in the morning was hard in the beginning. But other activities replaced this and I progressively found a work-life balance.

• I’d like to move to Australia, could you help me?

I still receive requests for help and advice to live in Australia. Since everyone has a different background and immigration law and regulations change frequently, unfortunately I am not able to provide suitable recommandation. However, there are many possibilities to settle down there and you are willing to give energy, patience and a lot of tenacity to your personal project, you will succeed!

• What is your favourite country ?

I have fond memories of South East Asia, and in particular Myanmar, thanks to its cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, friendliness of its locals, its beautiful beaches, the smell of its streets, the food,…I should also mention New Zealand, with its lands as far as the eye can see, and California.

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